RJ-250SC Self Contained Compactor

Southern Solid Waste Self Contained Compactor RJ-25-SC
  • Exclusive 41" x 58" feed opening to handle large,bulky items!
  • Continuous feeding capability – even while compactoris operating!
  • Adaptable to special loading systems such as largecapacity hoppers, security chutes or total enclosures.
  • Total odor and pest control via Marathon’s OzoneOdor Control optionl Easy loading from either ground or dock level.
  • Over 24 tons of crushing force to reduce refuse to afraction of its former size saving valuable space.
  • Fits into same space as the pace-setting RJ-100SCUltra! Extra length roll-off hoist is not required!
  • Easy and fast installation! Installation costs are cutby half over conventional compaction systems.
  • Fire hose connection provided on each unit.
  • Factory testing to assure leakproof construction.
  • UL Listed.


RJ-250SC Self Contained Compactor Specifications
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