RJ-450 4 cubic yard Stationary Compactor

Southern Solid Waste Stationary Compactor RJ-450

The RamJet RJ-450 is excellent for distribution centers, warehouses, and general industrial use. The extra large 60" x 67 1/2" clear top opening accepts those large, bulky items with ease. Ruggedly built to meet the challenge, this unit packs a powerful 56,500 pounds of crushing force. And, the RJ-450 is built for performance and reliability as only Marathon, the solid waste industry's specialist in on-site compaction systems, can provide.


Industrial Grade Systems
The RJ-450 features industrial grade electrical and hydraulic systems that are totally UL Listed! This means trouble free operation and top performance year after year. Marathon's side-mounted power unit combines the convenience and ease-of-maintenance that comes with a remote power pack with the space savings and ease-of-installation of an integrated power pack.



RJ-450 4 cubic yard Stationary Compactor Specifications
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